Lute Tablature


Beier Lute Tablature Transcriber  v.2 6

Transpose tablature up or down. Convert tablature from one instrument tuning to another. Transform rhythm signs by doubling or halving their value. Format rhythm signs to appear at barlines or at a particular rhythmic interval.

Django  v.9 7

Django is a tablature editor and composer for lutes, guitar, cittern, bandora, mandolin, gamba and other plucked instruments, such as banjo, ukulele, theorbo, mandora, dulcimer, etc.


Fronimo  v.

Fronimo is a big and complex program (built from over 80,000 lines of C code) and it would take a sizeable book to uncover all of its secrets.

Beier String and Fret Calculator  v.2.0

Beier String and Fret Calculator handles any type of solid string material such as gut, nylon and carbon, but also copper, brass, etc., and also includes Savarez and Pyramid, K├╝rschner and Aquila over-wound string catalogues.

Tablature Organizer  v.1.0.2

Tablature Organizer is a tool used to catalogue your Guitar Pro / Power Tab / TuxGuitar / TablEdit guitar tablature. The software scans user selected folders for tablature files, extracts the metadata (Title, Artist, Album, etc.

Power Tab Editor  v.

Power Tab Editor 1.7 is an inclusive music composer tool, one can use to create their own music scores in both standard and tablature notation.

Guitar Shed  v.2 9

Integrated software tools for guitarists, bassists, and other musicians. Includes a guitar tuner, tablature organizer, tab finder, chord library, jam machine, song jam, gig manager, web manager, and much more.

TEFView  v.2 71

As the count of songs available in TablEdit format is rising higher and higher, TEFview is a much needed program for creating as well as providing the options of editing, printing and listening to tablature and sheet music for guitar and other frette

Guitarmaster Demo  v.2.0.0006

Guitarmaster is the ultimate low-cost transcription and notation software for the electric guitarist, producing guitar tablature (tab) and MIDI files directly from the audio signal generated by your guitar.

TabOrganizer  v.1.1.5

TabOrganizer is a simple tool for managing your tablatures. TabOrganizer has been designed to make it as easy as possible to initially load your tablature collection and add the new ones as you obtain them.

Harping Midi Player  v.2.9.6

Watch the notes being played in real time, and display the harmonica tablature for either chromatic or diatonic harmonicas. You can change the key and the tuning, and slow down and loop the tune or part of it. The software supports karaoke,

RiffBook  v.1.1

RiffBook is a computer "notebook" for music where you can quickly record audio, video, transcriptions, tablature, and text notes and keep everything together in one organized place.

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